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The Growing Trend Toward High-Tech Home Facials

The Growing Trend Toward High-Tech Home Facials

Posted by Kimberly Langford on 6/19/2015 5:05 PM

The Spa Experience vs. Home Treatment

Clearing up acne or improving the appearance of aging skin does not have to start with a visit to the spa or salon anymore. The growing trend towards "do-it-yourself" skin care has led many to seek the convenience of skin care devices and machines that can be used in the home on an unlimited basis - both privately and cost effectively. These high-tech beauty gadgets are very attractive because they offer low cost in-home facial treatment without the time and expense of having to visit a spa or salon for on-going professional sessions.

The growing trend in home facial device use is being fueled by clients who fall into the following categories:

  1. Those who cannot afford to get professional treatments
  2. Those who are too busy to visit the spa or salon on a regular basis
  3. Those who are interested in maintaining results in-between ongoing clinical treatments

I tend to fall into category #3 above. I must confess that while I do thoroughly enjoy a luxurious spa experience, there are instances when my time and budget simply do not permit. This is where my portable high frequency machine comes in handy - it is an at home facial treatment system that uses safe and gentle low level electrical waves to detoxify, improve circulation, encourage cellular turnover and greatly maximize the performance of my favorite skin care products by pushing them deeper into my skin. I use high frequency religiously in-between and sometimes to replace my spa regular visits, with professional results. The downside: I don't get to be pampered. The upside: my skin is beautiful, I save time and I have more money left in my pocket!

At Home Facials and High Frequency Treatment