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Four Ways You Should Change Your Skin Care Routine For Fall

Four Ways You Should Change Your Skin Care Routine For Fall

Posted by Kimberly Langford on 10/28/2014 12:51 PM


As the weather gets colder and leaves start to change, you may be wondering how your skin care regimen needs to adapt to the changing seasons.

Winter brings a bevy of different skin care concerns, but there are plenty of ways to make sure your skin stays healthy and nourished:

Take Care of Your Lips

Lips are especially exposed during winter, no matter how many thick scarves and high collars you wear. Lips have some of the most sensitive skin on your body, and it's easy for them to be chafed by wind or damaged by cold. When lips start to get chapped by dry winter weather, biting and licking lips makes them even worse. Keep Chapstick on hand, drink plenty of water and avoid acidic or salty foods to improve lip health. High frequency facial wands can also help keep lips plump and healthy, and ultrasonic facial machines can increase the effectiveness of moisturizers.

Keep Hands Protected

Hands also get frequent exposure during the colder months, and even if you're good about wearing gloves and mittens, dry skin can make them painful to put on and take off. Keep a small container of a moisturizer like shea butter in your bag or purse and apply it whenever your hands get dry. You can also use red light therapy or blue light therapy devices to increase the penetration of moisturizing creams. Light therapy even has the added bonus or reducing signs of aging.

Remember Scalp Care

Winter can be very hard on scalp health. Switch to a thick moisturizing shampoo to reduce dryness. You can also treat your scalp with a comb attachment on a high frequency skin care machine.

Avoid Sun Damage

The sun shines year round, even if temperatures are cold. You may see windburn more often than you see sunburn, but that doesn't mean the sun isn't still aging your skin. Try to use sunscreen every day or a foundation with SPF to prevent skin damage. If you already have sun damage, consider using red light therapy machines to reverse signs of aging and alleviate redness and irritation that can accompany dry skin. Red light therapy uses targeted wavelengths of light to improve the appearance of the skin.

Fall and winter don't have to come with unbearable dryness. Take care of your skin and you'll be able to enjoy the colder months!