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New Red Light Device Helps Sensitive Teeth & Receding Gums

What is Light Therapy? Light Therapy And Oral Care What Is The DPL® Oral Care Home Light Therapy Device? 6 Ways Red Light Therapy Can Remedy Oral Health Issue…

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Top Ways To Naturally Stimulate Hair Growth

It goes without saying that the key to a healthy head of hair is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is essential to eat the proper foods, drink plenty of water, exercise, get an a…

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Five Alternatives to Using Topical Acne Creams

Acne is the most common skin disorder in the US, affecting 40-50 million Americans. Due to the prevalence of acne, there are plenty of acne treatments on the market, but many of the…

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The Growing Trend Toward High-Tech Home Facials

The Spa Experience vs. Home Treatment Clearing up acne or improving the appearance of aging skin does not have to start with a visit to the spa or salon anymore. The growing trend to…

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Jane Iredale Magic Mitt™ Product Review

While visiting my salon recently, I picked up an interesting little makeup remover called the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt™. Now, I wouldn't normally think of forking out…

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