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Jellen® High Frequency Indirect Massage Electrode

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This indirect high frequency method is generally used in professional settings where the client holds the indirect electrode with one hand and the esthetician performs a facial massage. This gentle form of treatment is ideal for those with sensitive or dehydrated skin. The electrode is designed for use with the Jellen® Portable High Frequency Machine. Compatibility with other high frequency equipment is not guaranteed. The straight shaped electrode is made of clear tempered glass and the glow produced within depends on the inert gas it is filled with. Neon gas will produce a warm red or orange glow and argon gas will produce a cool blue or violet glow. With careful use, the electrode will last for many years.

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Jellen™ Indirect Electrode


What Does It Do?

When used indirectly, this electrode stimulates cellular rejuvenation without the irritation that can occur with direct high frequency application. This application is particularly beneficial for sensitive or dry skin types.

Who Is It For?

  • Ages 20's-60+
  • Sensitive and/or dry skin types
  • Licensed professionals

How Does It Work?

Recommend for use in a professional setting, the client holds the indirect electrode in hand while the esthetician gently massages the facial area. To prevent against shock, turn on the high frequency current only AFTER the client has firmly grasped the electrode. Conversely, turn the current off prior to removing the electrode from the client’s hand.

This electrode will only work with a high frequency electrical current source. The electrical current produced by the Jellen Portable High Frequency Machine runs through the inserted electrode to generate a therapeutic "zapping" or "tingling" sensation when touched to the skin. This action purifies and encourages cell rejuvenation.

Technical Specifications:

Inert Gas: Neon / Argon
Approximate Base Diameter: 0.47 inches (12 mm)
Approximate Base Circumference: 1.46 inches (37 mm)
Return Policy:
30-Day Money Back Guarantee